The month after Health Month
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I wanted to get back on Health Month as it was something that worked for me, but it looks like they have ceased operating the site. When I played there were a lot of mefites on a team there ... what would be a successor app/platform? I liked the community encouragement and kaizen approach, it was good for me to be able to stick to small, simple goals.

At work several people are setting (mainly health) goals in the group (e.g. only have ice cream one a week, walk during lunch 3 times/wk). As expected, they are tough to stick so and there are lots of resets etc. I feel like HM is just what we need, but since it is gone what site would be the heir apparent for fun, supportive, collaborative goal reaching?

The most recent post about gamified health that I could find here was several years old. It looks like Superbetter at Work is alive, but I am a little turned of by the workplace resilience angle (tough that might just be their marketing). Thanks for suggestions.
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You can play Habitica with teams or by yourself. It's nice that you can use an app on your phone or do it all on the website.
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