Best grippy socks for Pilates reformer?
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I know you don’t have to wear socks, but I don’t want fungi among I. My regular workout socks don’t have grip but even worse they slip around on my foot so grip probably wouldn’t help much. What are your favorite grippy, don’t slide on the foot Pilates/yoga socks? (Caveat, I’m a woman’s size 10 which is usually the upper end of sock sizes.)

Like it says above the fold. I’ve looked into Bombas, etc. and I’m fine with spending a bit but want to get around the marketing and get some real recommendations.
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As mentioned, I’m currently using a reformer machine, there are some grippy pads available for planking but that + regular socks doesn’t hack it.
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I use Tavi Noir Grip Socks--I'm size 11 woman and their X-large fit well. They are very grippy and work great on the reformer. The material is thick and high-quality, they wash well and stay on well. I don't like socks with toes because my toes are all messed up and don't fit in them well so I was happy to find these. There seem to be a lot of Pilates socks with toes.
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I wear size 11 shoes and have a pair of Great Soles nonskid socks that I wear for barre and they have worked out quite well for me. They also keep my feel cooler than the barre socks they sell at the studio.
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