Good Introductory Book on UK Parliamentary Law
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After living in the UK for 17 years, I've absorbed some basic understanding of the UK constitution (and Parliament in particular), but I am constantly realizing how little I know. What book would you recommend to help me go beyond the simple, Wikipedia-level understanding that I currently have?

Ideally, it would be entertainingly written and offer historical perspective on where current rules and traditions come from-- but most importantly, I'm looking for something clear and informative.

My first choice would be a book but if you know a podcast, documentary, or some other media that is just too helpful to pass up, please do feel free to mention it.
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When I was a law student a million years ago, our Public Law lecturer recommended we all read How To Be A Minister by Gerard Kaufman. Although it was written nearly 40 years ago, it explains very well how Parliament and Government work, from a first-person perspective and in a very entertaining and interesting way. I see that it has now been updated. :-)
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The Talking Politics podcast is great in putting the current happenings in constitutional terms, plus they have some recent episodes specifically on what the UK constitution is.
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The Guardian just published Books to help make sense of parliament which could be worth a look. Of those I've only read The Blunders of Our Governments, which is good but more about political errors than the Parliamentary process. How Parliament Works looks like a good recommendation.

Seconding How to Be a Minister - we recommended this as advice to new Ministers in New Zealand. I do wonder if it might be a bit outdated, though...
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