Any old-school bloggers still posting?
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I started blogging in the late 90s and posted regularly for many years. But then a few years ago I decided it was too much work and moved that daily activity over to Google+. Which obviously wouldn't go anywhere ever. Poop. So now it's gone and I'm restarting my blog. I looked around for some OG bloggers from the 90s and early 2000s. And found..... only Kottke???

Nearly ever link in my old blogroll has either gone dark. I only found Kottke and Stupid Evil Bastard still doing it. Are there others? Really looking for folks blogging pre-2002 that are still going.
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Anil Dash is still at it.
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(Though she is not necessarily *still* going -- she may have stopped and started a couple few times.)
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Well there's me, my blog dates to 2001. Although mostly I post on a different wordpress blog these days, and also Twitter. I think that's the case with a lot of "early bloggers", their content is kind of spread out in lots of places and they may only post on the OG blog every few months. The nice thing about an RSS reader is you still see it when it shows up.

So this answer isn't just a self-link, I'll also offer that Andy Baio and Anil Dash are still out there blogging. Mostly one big meaty article every couple of months. Paul Ford's feed is probably worth adding to your reader too; it may have been a couple of years, but when it lights up it'll be a good one.
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Looks like Everlasting Blort goes back to 2000 and is still updated.

I think John Scalzi's Whatever goes back to pre-2002, though the archives only reach 2002.

Dave Winer is still at it.
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Flutterby comes immediately to mind.
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jessamyn works hard to update their blog on a regular basis.
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I am. and
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mimi smartypants still blogs. Her archive is still up here, but her new stuff gets posted here.

Heather Havrilesky (of rabbitblog) doesn't blog any more that I can find, but she does have a couple advice columns that I like. Ask Polly on The Cut and Ask Molly, which is mostly subscription only.
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Mimi Smartypants has been around since 1999 and now seems to post about once a month. I love her.
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My blog's been going for nearly 18 years, updated virtually every day, but its scope is determinedly local. It moved from Blogger through several different stages of Wordpress (hosting went down, etc.) so I don't have a full archive available.

I was part of a group called YULBlog of whom a few of us are still blogging, some from other places now, some quite personally, so I hesitate to link. Maybe half a dozen folks.
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Response by poster: These are Awesome!!!!!! Thank you.
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Oh that reminds me, Maciej Ceglowski's Idle Words is still going. He came to Montreal for a few months in 2004 and wrote some fun things about it, and hung out with us YULBloggers a couple of times.
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Making Light is still around, but updated very rarely at this point.
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Justin is still around. 25 years.
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I am the previously mentioned Flutterby (going since February of '98, baby!), and I also put more personal stuff over on with RSS of Twitter-like stuff, but to make this less blatantly self-promotional (because what even is the point of blogging any more?): P1k3, The Boston Diaries, PlasticBoy...
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Is Mike the Mad Biologist from 2004 old enough? Six morning posts and seven link drops per week.
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jwz is still going.
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I've been blogging on all the way back to 2000. Unfortunately Twitter sucks up a lot of my and others' attention and writing time, otherwise I think there'd be a lot more blog writin' and readin'.
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Response by poster: "because what even is the point of blogging any more?"

I love blogging. I love it as I love few other things. And when more people did it, I felt the world was a better place. And most of the things people call blogs these days are really more like TV shows - Small niche, full of ads, marketing driven, and soooooo sanitized.

Even back in the AOL days before http changed everything I knew I wanted to blog. I wanted to talk to everyone. I wanted to share the stuff I made with every single person on Earth. I didn't have stuff that was really impressive, and I knew it would be largely ignored or lost. Maybe because I had some ideals about freedom? Maybe because I had a massive ego? Maybe I just hoped someone somewhere would find it and be happy.

I did that on Usenet for a while. And on a few ftp servers.

Why do I blog? Two reasons.

1) People love it. Not all people or even many. But over the years the feedback I've gotten has given me that wonderful "mouse pressing a lever" shot of happiness. It's a daily affirmation.

2) It's deliciously egalitarian. The cost of entry makes it impossible for lots of people. But it's still cheap compared to other ways you could have a place you own and talk to the world with it.

Facebook and it's ilk are no solution. You can't own or fix Facebook. You can only join it in Hell.

I'm sure we all blog for our own reasons. I blog because at the technological heart of it, it's the best thing ever.

(mods - delete if answering that here is a no no)
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Atrios - Eschaton. The great-grandfather of all lefty political blogs, still going with barely a redesign.
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Waiter Rant is still updating... on a semi-regular basis, although he's no longer a waiter and the content has shifted to fatherhood and family life.
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And speaking of Eschaton, there are a handful of other political blogs still going. Talking Points Memo still has its editor's blog, Washington Monthly still has its Political Animal blog, and there's also Daily Kos.
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Daily Kos, Talking Points Memo, lots of those sites are still going...I remember when people were like, so, is there such a thing as a...GROUP BLOG?

There was a big expansion around 2002 where people like AKMA started. Too bad blogrolls aren't a thing anymore!
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Stupid Evil Bastard - that's a blast from the past. Yeah.. combination of work, kids, and general noise, and my blog hasn't been updated in 7 or 8 years. After database updates and having to move domains, not necessarily in that order, everything was broken links so I just left the splash page.

My writing has migrated back to old school pen and paper or word. And at the same time I've lost touch with most of the old blog links.

But thanks for this question, I might check some of the old crew out again.

I do check out Lance Arthur now and then, as well.
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things magazine is just about to turn 18. We're only occasional these days but hope we still count.
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Mine's still there, closing in on 19 years, but I've never been especially popular.
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My blog started as a hardcoded HTML thing in 1994, switched to a blog in 2002. So I'm an OG blogger, just not one of the popular ones.
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As noted, my personal blog's been up since 1998. The pre-2002 archives are not online, because they were handrolled html rather than created using blogging software. However, if someone is really determined to get those first three and a half years, they're available through (and also, some of them are collected in my book Your Hatemail Will Be Graded)

The OP's experience with Google+, incidentally, is one reason I always suggest people keep and maintain their own site. In the time my blog Whatever has existed, AOL, Geocities, Angelfire, Friendster, Livejournal, Myspace and Google+ have all come and gone (either entirely or are still around but nonentities), and only the most optimistic would think Facebook and Twitter will last forever, or would want them to (although I suspect the latter will go before the former).

Keep your own site; update it from time to time. It's useful.
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That's why I try to keep posting.

These days, my blog auto-posts to Twitter when I post. It used to also post to FB, but FB shut that down.
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Mefi's Own Charles Stross has a blog
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Me. 18 years and counting. Though admittedly reflecting back my Instagram posts is a lot of the stream these days.

Do I get bonus points for listing your site on San Diego Bloggers back in the day? I sold the domain a long time ago but I exhumed it (and links to internet archive urls) a few years ago. Check it:
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Also in searching my email I found an email from you from May 5, 2006 submitting BeaverCheese Org to San Diego Bloggers which just about made my day.
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Response by poster: Never did get all those cheeses. Three short I think.
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I've been updating mine (on average, less than monthly) since early 2000 but I'm here actually to suggest The Gus who's been posting his musings almost daily since 1996.
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I was blogging circa 99/00, and pretty consistently for about a decade, although with breaks and transitions from one subject matter to another.

If anyone would recognize anything I did, it would be Portland Communique, an experiment in what was then being called "stand-alone journalism" that was widely-read in Oregon blog and political circles. Or, possibly, the "gang blog" I ran to discuss David Weinberger's seminal book Small Pieces, Loosely Joined with participants both known and unknown.

I've actually jumped headlong (although URL hopefully to change soon; waiting to hear back from the .blog folks) back into the routine blogging thing this year (in part because I left a local micro-nonprofit I'd started and had a gigantic hole in my life, I think).
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Pete Prodehl has been blogging at since 1997.
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My site started as a website on 12/31/95 and became a blog early in 2001. Still updated at least once or twice a month - including last night!
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It says Kottke in the question, though!

I haven't updated mine in about 5 years, but the archives are still up, so I guess it still exists? The cobbler's children have no shoes, and I work on websites all day every day, so like many people who do, I've given little attention to my blog in that time. Still up counts for something, though!
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I'm still around, although not blogging... and barely even RT'ing anything on Twitter anymore... but just you wait for my podcast with NowThis... we have a domain and everything ... any day now... real soon... ;-)

(I do miss blogging - and I still read a lot of the people mentioned in this thread.)
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Jenny Trout. I don't know if she goes back to 2002 but she must come close.
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Cardhouse. Hello. '94 club.
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Dave Winer is still posting. Pretty much continuously since 1994.
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Languagehat updated his blog today. His pull-down archive listing goes back to July 2002.
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I still check in on Paul Bausch's blog every so often (aka MeFi's own pb, the father of the permalink -- as old-school as you can get!).

(I started with "here's what I'm up to" web updates in the '90s and adopted blog software in the early '00s, but basically stopped writing as work got more intense and I got discouraged with people scraping my site and putting up ads. My blog wasn't famous or anything but I did meet a few interesting people/opportunities because of it. Now I do most of my online writing here on mefi, although every so often I do have thoughts about restarting blogging again.)
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I've been killing my "blog" (sic, victoryshag, wtfttfg,, burningthedays, etc.) semi-regularly and popping it up under another domain name since 1995! Now at, where I mingle it with my business.
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A few more: Follow Me Here, Workbench, and I think Boing Boing kind of counts.

I'm suddenly sad after visiting a couple dozen dead links. I used to blog but now I just retweet a lot. I miss World New York.
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My blog has been up since March 23, 2008. It's pretty obviously on life support now, though.
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I’ve been going since 2000 and still post at least once a week.

There’s also MetaGrrrl and Giles Turnbull.

I don’t know if I’m imagining it, some kind of confirmation bias or if it’s just people I know, but I think gradually more people are blogging, after a lull, and that makes me happy.
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Mary Anne Mohanraj - a science fiction writer, sex activist, english professor, cancer survivor, parent, cookbook author, politician, openly poly queer activist, and founder of SLF - has been blogging since December 1995 and still going strong!
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My own Creative Good blog started in 1997 (predating the term "blog").
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I recently revived my daft blog (MeFi Projects) after 15 years of stagnation. It's slightly less bloggy than it used to be (no dates/permalinks for notes), things have changed over the years so content is spread out slightly differently (social media for throwaway bits & bobs and announcement, home page for nicely presenting new things, standalone pages for each main feature)
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I built my Celtic Studies Resources Website in 1997; at first, it was on AOL. I had a section at the top of the Home page called What's New. It was hand-coded, but this is what it used to look like. I started using Blogger and other similar tools in 2002. I moved from hand coded on AOL to my own domain, to using Radio and Blogger and MovableType. Now I self-host on WordPress. Celtic Studies Resources and IT: are both still going.

So is Absolute Write, both the site and the forums. And so is Boing Boing.
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All a bit more sporadic than back in the day, but...

All & Sundry
Fluid Pudding
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Going back over old broken links and seeing what remains and what's only on is an experience.

Anyway, Burningbird.
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Hullabaloo aka Digby's blog

mourning all of my own blogs and tumblrs and fotologs... those were the days
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• Peter Rukavina (1999) at
• Steven Garrity (2000) at
• Chris Campbell (2002) at
• Matthew Perpetua (2002)

Related, I just logged into my 2002 blogger to see if it still works. I also neglect wordpress, tumblr, and medium now.
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I started my Welsh-language blog in April 2001, and have recently started blogging again after a fallow patch, during which my Wordpress installation got hacked/infected, so no archives until I summon the patience to sort that mess out. For the first year or more I was the only person blogging in Welsh, and got to explain blogio to various bemused TV and radio presenters.
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I don't see on this list, relevant at 18 and defiantly old school.
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I'm still writing, since 2001. Mostly just for myself, and I was never a heavily-trafficked site. Props to everyone here who had/has a blog and especially to those of you who have stuck with it.
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Many of these, and others which are still active, were featured as "Blog of the day" on my old blog growabrain.
And in 2010 I switched to growababy, which I still update religiously.
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Waxy will hit 20 in a couple years, and I plan to keep going. I'm not very happy with my CMS right now, it's very tedious for me to post after Wordpress's Gutenberg update. That, combined with general busyness, has definitely slowed me down but I expect to be back to longer-form writing once I have it sorted.
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Wine and Life:
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Coudal Partners' Fresh Signals microblog is still relatively active, and Avoision still posts regularly.

I really wish I hadn't let my own blog go silent. I keep meaning to set it back up.
posted by me3dia at 7:55 AM on August 29, 2019 [1 favorite] - my own since late 2000.

It sprang from keeping a PalmPilot list of quotes and thoughts, in the 90s - I wish "commonplacing" (i.e. collecting passages from various sources into one place) was more of a well known term, because it's a delightful practice - almost every half-remembered quote that comes to mind, I can search my own site and get the exact wording.

These days I mirror most things on FB, since the little homebrew message board I setup dwindled and got overrun by spammers. But still, I love having a canonical place to archive what I've encountered in life.
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When I speak at blogging conferences (which are still a thing!) I like to say that I've been "blogging since before blog was even a word". And I have. I started on 16 August 1997.

My personal blog has been mostly dormant for the past couple of years -- although I'm in the process of reviving it -- but I repurchased my personal-finance blog a couple of years ago, and that's still going strong. (It's a blog that the MeFi community helped launch in 2006!)
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My own blog is still going, since late 2001, mostly imported tweets and cross-posted things from other places, with the occasional weeknote weaknote. So it's kind of back in the spirit of what blogs were before Movable Type made everything an Article with a capital A. I make zero claims to any kind of notice or notoriety, but I did once receive nice emails from Paul Ford and Jason Kottke.
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pb made a roundup of the blogs here. Now all we need is the OPML file!
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Me. Started December 2000.
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Actually, I was led to this Ask by Kottke! I started posting drivel on the web 19 years ago this month, bought a domain in 2004, and have been daily for 12 years, with a goal of three sentences as something to do in retirement. Sometimes I use links from MetaFilter, sometimes I beat the front-page posters by a day or two. Dispatches.
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The TBTF Log ended in 2001, a year after TBTF wound down; I've been blogging (irregularly) at since 2005 and at since 2015.
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Why and how did blogs stop
posted by growabrain at 1:23 AM on August 31, 2019

The Peculiar One (caution may be NSFW) looks like since 2001
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Internet Monk is a weird case. It started in 2000. The original writer died in 2010, but the site has kept going with his successor for the past 9 years. (It's also almost undoubtedly outside of the wheelhouse of many Mefites, being conservative Christian and concerned with Christianity and theology, but that's neither here nor there.)
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Daniel "Dannyman" Howard has been at it since 1996.
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I just passed 20 years on my little corner of nonsense -
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I just realized that my old blog hosting is costing me insane amounts of money, and I have paid thousands since 2003.

But yeah, that old tight community of bloggers disappeared under the deluge of easy tools to consume content.

Now I don't even bother telling people that I blogged. They don't understand.
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Fred Clark, Slacktivist
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Right on the front page of my site I proudly display: is the personal weblog of David Vincent Gagne. I've been publishing here since 1999, which makes this one of the oldest continuously-updated websites on the Internet.
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Tony Pierce, aka the busblog, is still keeping it real.
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Myself at Artifacting
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My blog, The Null Device, is still up and (just about) going after over 20 years. My rate of posting has dropped somewhat (due to fewer people reading blogs and less time to write), though I do do a records-of-the-year post at the end of each year and sporadic posts about other things. (The last two were from May, about Eurovision and the Australian election.) I have been thinking recently of getting back into it, and to wit have moved the site to a new server and finally installed a HTTPS certificate.
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Jim Leff's Slog
posted by valannc at 9:09 AM on September 5, 2019

The absurdist semi-fictional Kafkaesque writings of Miguel at Metamorphosism, an American raising a family in Austria, are still going and still just as funny, 18/19 years later.
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Was really, really nice to see that people still read what I write. And even better to read what you all are still writing.
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There's also John Scalzi's blog, which just hit its 21st birthday:
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