Using WordPress for Multiple Same-Site Feeds
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How can I use a single WordPress install to run multiple mini-blogs on one domain?

I would like to use a single WordPress install - say at to generate multiple mini-blogs to be incorporated as .php includes in otherwise static pages throughout the site. Essentially, I'm looking to create little newsfeeds for internal use only - just headline, brief text, and a link.

I imagine the result would involve using category templates to generate .php files to be included in the other pages, but I'm not really sure how to go about it.

Has anyone done something similar?
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Try Wordpress MU.
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Has anyone done something similar?

Yes, but not with WordPress; I've found it easier, after a fashion, to do this with Movable Type or Textpattern.
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Best answer: You've got the right idea. This page should get you started.

You might also want to do this by processing per-category RSS feeds, which you can do simply by linking to

Of course, the serious way to do this is to recreate the entire site within a CMS (Wordpress would work fine), but you've probably thought about that already.
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I know you've used MT in the past -- you could import the blog(s) into Movable Type and include them the same way in PHP, and it's free for personal sites.
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Response by poster: @adamrice: I think your RSS solution will probably work for me. It looks like I can use the fetch function to keep all the processing local so I don't have to depend on another server (like Feedburner, which I use to do the blog includes on my front page. )

@anil: This won't be a personal site, and given my budget for this project, a commercial MT license isn't an option.
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I highly recommend Lyceum. It's similar to Wordpress MU, but with an arguably better database schema.
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You could create individual categories for each mini-blog. Then create a bunch of static pages, and from each of them use the query_posts function to call posts from each category/'blog'.
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