Manitoulin Island recommendations?
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We are going to Manitoulin Island for two days, midweek. Any recommendations for things to do, see and eat beyond the obvious stuff like Bridal Veil Falls? Would especially love recs for vegetarian-friendly restaurants that won't break the bank (a great pizza place that has a meat-free pizza would qualify).
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I just realized that I was last there around 2005 but the beach at Carter Bay was lovely. Climbing Cup and Saucer is cool - it was one of the first local land formations to emerge after the last ice age and the route to the top shows foot wear on the stones.
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Farquhar's dairy had the best ice cream. Try hawberry if they have it
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We had a really good time horseback riding and visiting the petting zoo at the Kicking Mule Ranch in Tehkummah. The little kids had pony rides. The owner is a very nice guy.

We also visited the Ojibwe Cultural Foundation Centre in M'Chigeeng. Beautiful artwork and exhibits and we were able to watch some elders work on traditional crafts. The intricate beading was amazing, she was using a tiny needle to sort the tiniest beads for a piece she was making. I believe they offer classes but we were there at the wrong time.

We picnicked at Bridal Veil Falls, it’s cool, but the forest walk away from the falls is very beautiful too. Have a great time!
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Cup and Saucer nature hike has the awesome scenic vistas! As mentioned, wear hiking foot ware.

(If you're driving thru Tobermorey, don't be late for the Ferry. It fills up fast.)
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Are you going to see the Perseids? If yes then you already know about the dark sky preserve there. If not then there is a dark sky preserve where you can try to see shooting stars if the rest of the sky cooperates.
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For future visitors to this thread, at this time Carter Bay beach is closed off to the public – there's a development going in there. (This has been a point of controversy on the island.)
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