Impulsive Yo-Yo Ma
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On impulse, I bought 3 tickets to see Yo-Yo Ma perform Bach in the Berkshires this weekend but my friends can’t make it. What can I do with the other 2 tickets!

Yo-Yo Ma has been on a 2 year tour of The Bach Project, and seeing him perform the Bach Cello Suite is on my bucket list, so I quickly bought tickets when I found out his last US-based concert is this weekend at Tanglewood. I’m flying out from California but looks like scheduling didn’t work out for some friends. Any recommendations on how I can sell the other two tickets (it’s all lawn seating) or better yet, is there a good way to see if any MeFites (or other friendly, cello music enthusiasts) would be interesting in joining?
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Could you make a Masschusetts IRL post? If there are MeFites going to Tanglewood, they may be interested in meeting up (and may have friends who can buy the extra tickets from you).
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For selling, try making a post on Craigslist for any city within 2 hours driving distance.
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If there's a Facebook event page, you may be able to post that you have tickets for sale; that's what we did last time we couldn't make a show and it was super easy. (Show was sold out, which helped).
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