What Shoes Are These?
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What are these rust-colored suede wedge booties at the top of this page? They apparently aren't shoes for the advertised brand "Sole Society" - I've searched for over an hour on Google, Zappos and Ebay. Google image search shoes nothing. Who's skilled at this? Thank you!
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I have some almost exactly like that from H&M, bought about five years ago. They don't sell them anymore though. The only difference is that mine have a white lining and from the bit of the inside of the shoe I can see in this picture, these don't.
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Since the post is 4 years old, Sole Society probably stopped making that exact style.
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It’s the Audrina wedge bootie. (Someone refers to it in the comments.) Kork-Ease has some similar wedge booties so you might want to keep an eye out of you want to buy new.

But! Check it out on Poshmark. Some of the wedges are labeled Delma or So-Delma so that might be a good style name as well if you want Sole Society.
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You're right! A search on Google pulled up a page with the same thing in black which does indicate they are the Audrina Wedge Booties.

I usually set-up eBay search agents for discontinued styles and something often pops up within the year. I do want the exact features of the pictured booties (very low ankle cut and small little rivets in the front) so I don't care what the brand is and I don't like the Delma, but thank you!

Thanks for your help!
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