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What site can be my one-stop shop for national and/or international news (NOT JUST POLITICS)? I have a handful of go-to sites for local news and news in my industry, but I've realized I've seriously fallen down on knowing what's going on nationally in the realm of not-politics (for example, I only found out about Hurricane Barry just now by random chance). But I don't have the patience to juggle half a dozen sources for this sort of thing - I just want one comprehensive site (maybe two) that I can check once or twice a day.
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Browsing the Economist once a week at my local library is my best one-stop source for world news. Editorially they are conservative-leaning, but their news reporting is soundly factual. Being UK-based makes them much less US-centric than most other publications I read. (Of course they pay more attention than most to UK news, but not enough to drown out the rest of the world.)
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Reuters will give you some old-school wire reporting with a minimum of editorial bias. I find it to be one of the only sources of news left not overrun by punditry and opinion (meaning you can be informed without feeling like you've been manipulated into a state of outrage). Their site is well constructed for skimming or digging deep (or anything in between).
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Google News
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I keep The Guardian as my default homepage, it's been pretty good for both skimming or deep dives, and their main landing page doesn't feel nearly as overwhelming as the NY Times but still brings up plenty of current events, imo. They're a UK-based newspaper with lots of foreign correspondents, so I've been seeing a decent amount of coverage for outside-the-U.S. events (e.g. Hong Kong protests) as well as U.S. news (e.g. Acosta, Tropical Storm Barry), though their website does tailor itself to knowing that I'm viewing from the U.S. They also did a pretty good run of feature pieces on plastics in the U.S. recently. YMMV on the thinkpieces and op-eds, which I find quite hit or miss and not as worth checking out on a regular basis.
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Al Jazeera's online portal is a very good news site with lots of quite insightful pieces that don't make it onto the TV channel itself (at least judging by their coverage of countries I know well).

Edited to clarify: they have online reporting and editorial writing that is completely separate from the TV coverage. I am not aware of the degree of overlap as I don't watch the TV channel.
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BBC news has wide ranging coverage of international plus science, technology and business news. The stories are brief but do make you aware of events so you can search for more thorough coverage if you are interested. It isn't problem free but is quick and easy.
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Came in to say the Economist and the Guardian. The Economist is, well, insanely virulently neo-liberal so there are moments where I just can't even deal with them. But if you stay away from the features the news summaries and book reviews are really great. The Guardian is IMO a really great paper and my main source of news.
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It is not my only source of news and their centrist viewpoint is not my viewpoint, but I find that Vox is surprisingly good at covering international news along with cultural phenomena.
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Seconding Vox. It has national and global news, not just politics and it's pretty easily digestible and has great explainers for stories that have been developing for a while when you want to catch up. And I just listen to NPR every morning while getting ready.
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Associated Press News. It's as close to straight reporting as it gets.
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The Drudge Report definitely leans conservative, but it I find it to be a decent news aggregator.

Today it links to everything from the hurricane to technology news to movie reviews to political stuff. It doesn't always have a lot of international news, but it links to the major stories.
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Top Stories | NHK WORLD-JAPAN News. Although I tend to just catch a top-of-the-hour 10-15 minute broadcast. They tend to be quite around the world in what they cover.
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Quartz Daily Brief is quite good
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Thirding the Guardian. I still have a NYT subscription, but for a more global look at the news, the Guardian is the best.
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Seeing as the Guardian’s been mentioned a few times... Several years ago I made Today’s Guardian which contains the same articles as that day’s paper edition of the Guardian newspaper (or the Observer on Sundays) in a format that’s easy to skim through from beginning to end. The idea being that reading a paper newspaper gives you that feeling of having “finished the news”, so you don’t need to read any more until the next day, something that constantly-updating news websites don’t do; they always have more to read!

(I hope it’s OK to link to my own site - I don’t make any money from it and it sounds like it fits the bill here.)
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