Taxi in Huejuquilla El Alto, Jalisco
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My partner is visiting family in a small village about 15 miles outside of Huejuquilla El Alto, Jalisco, Mexico and needs to get a taxi there. Degree of difficulty: She can't access the web and I don't speak Spanish. Help?

Apparently nobody in her village knows how to get a taxi, and the little mototaxis that used to come there from Huejuquilla aren't allowed to make the trip anymore. I'm trying to search the web for taxis in Huejuquilla (she said to try "taxista en Huejuquilla número de teléfono") and Google translates the results well enough for me to understand but I can't seem to find a phone number. Any ideas on how else to search or another way to find a taxi there?
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Here's the page for the intra-city bus service/bus stop in Huejuquilla. There's a phone number there for their Huejuquilla office. Maybe they could be of service.
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Response by poster: Thanks, caveatz, I sent her the number.
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I don't know the area, but Huejuquilla El Alto is pretty small. All the sites that I found with info on taxis there look like aggregators. However, if you search on taxis in the nearby town of Valparaiso, in Zacatecas, you'll get a couple of hits, and there are more in Fresnillo, which is the closest major city I think.
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As far as I can see there are no taxi companies there. If you can tell us the name of her village we might be able to give you more details on bus routes at least.

In a pinch I've found calling hotels to be my best shot in Mexico. They know the local area and they often speak a smattering of English.
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just in case she hasnt tried it yet, can she see if there are any Ubers available when she opens the app?
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Response by poster: Thanks, brianogilvie, will check Valaparaiso. Unfortunately her data plan there only allows WhatsApp, so Uber is out.
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Do you have an Uber account that you could use to make the booking? I have successfully made remote reservations to pick up other people from afar (although admittedly not in Mexico).
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Uber in Mexico is mostly just in cities, so I think that’s not likely to work. Are there not colectivos that run to Huejuquilla or Valparaiso?

The people in the village seem like they would be the best resources - they may not know how to call a taxi, but they must have some way of getting to larger towns, even if it’s just hitchhiking.
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Agree on trying to call a hotel in a nearby town - they may know. Seems like there are few in Jerez De García Salinas .

Also looks like the local government for Huejuquilla El Alto has a semi active Facebook page which Fb categorizes as a tourist information service - maybe post a question there or call the phone number listed?

On Uber - if it was super urgent - It looks like you may be able get a ride to Huejuquilla El Alto from other towns which have Uber nearby like Jerez De García Salinas (but only a few cars there - sometimes the app would show them - other times it was no cars available), just not start a ride there. You could try starting an Uber trip to your destination from one of those towns (you can do that in the app by manually changing your start location to a point on the map in the town), and then calling the driver and explaining the situation that they will pick up the fare at the end of the ride, change the endpoint, and then carry on to the actual destination. I’ve done something similar in a pinch - but didn’t have to deal with the language issue. And of course it will likely double your fare at is not an awesome option.
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