Need help finding "Latin chamber jazz" instrumental tunes
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I happened to stumble across this cover of Paul Simon's 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, and I really enjoyed the Latin feel of the chorus and outro (starting at 2:24). I'd love to hear more of that sort of thing but I'm having difficulty finding it, possibly because I'm using the wrong key words...

Please direct me to more music (artists, albums, or individual tunes) like that - i.e. in the jazz genre, roughly speaking, that's based on Afro-Cuban clave (rumba?) rhythms and variants, but that's quieter more laid-back music as opposed to the brassy high-energy salsa music with multiple horns and large percussion sections that seem to be typical. I'm not asking about Afro-Cuban music specifically, I'm open to any suggestions for an easygoing "Latin jazz"-ish groove. Vocals wouldn't disqualify a piece, necessarily, but my focus is on instrumental music. Also I'm familiar with Bossa Nova and that's not the style of music I'm asking about here.

If it's any help illustrating what I mean I can tell you that Don Grolnick's album Medianoche also includes some reasonable examples of the sort of thing I'm looking for.

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Maybe Michel Camilo
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Cal Tjader
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Cubano Chant by Ray Bryant
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Manuel Valera (I like the album Forma Nueva); Danilo Perez (maybe the album Children of the Light); some of the tunes on the album Eternal by Branford Marsalis; some stuff from the album Codes by Ignacio Berroa; Dafnis Prietro; maybe the song Ana Maria from Wayne Shorter's Native Dancer.
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Thanks everyone for pointing me to some great music; unfortunately none of it came close to the more mellow melodic Afro-Cuban inflected (rather than very forwardly Afro-Cuban) "chamber jazz" vibe that I was looking for.
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