French Speaking Music Lover Filter - Help me identify this french song o great hive mind?
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Ok, so my french isn't just bad -- it's nonexistant. Can anyone identify the singer and/or title of the song of which there is a snippet inside? If not the singer, can you give me the proper title, or spelling of some of the lyrics so I can google them and perhaps find the singer that way? I love the smooth sound of this clip and would love to find more. It's a great rumba! :)

The clip is located HERE. Thanks a bunch for listening and suggesting any ideas that might help me figure out who this is.
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Best answer: Karpatt - Dites Moi Tu
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Response by poster: ThankyouThankYouThankYou! That's it!!! Now I can sleep! :)
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I found the lyrics
. I believe it is by someone named "Karpatt."

You can buy the album with the song
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