Name that Monty Python bit
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Where was the Monty Python sketch where one of the members (pretty sure it was John Cleese) berated another character for jumping outside the script and getting an unfair advantage in the sketch. The character complained bitterly saying things like "really, it's not fair if you're going to be doing that, it's just awful". Anyone know what this sketch was?
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This site has full transcripts of all the shows, but I'm not seeing a match. Maybe it was off of one of their albums?
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Yeah, do you remember a visual or the audio only?
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Are you sure it was the Pythons? Spaceballs, for example, has a conceptually similar bit where they fast forward a copy of the film they're currently in.
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The closest bit I can think of is the bus conductor sketch, in which the straight man signs up to be in a sketch (Eric Idle, maybe?) and complains after repeatedly getting upstaged by the funny man (Graham Chapman?)
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Script for that sketch, using Chrysostom's site, here.
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The one that jumped to mind was one of Fry & Laurie's - The Haircut Sketch
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