Where to stop with a toddler in Western MA?
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We are driving from Boston to Western MA (Lenox) with our 2-year-old. Any recommendations for pit stops along the way?

I'm looking to have an option or 2 in my back pocket for the latter half of the drive (basically anything past Worcester). Close to I-90 is best. Parks/great ice cream/cute walkable towns are better than museums, since I'm not looking to turn this into a 3-hour stop. Thanks!
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I did this drive earlier this year and we stopped in Northampton. It’ll take you a little bit off route but it’s very cute and walkable.
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Best answer: Easthampton, MA (a tad closer to I-90 than Northampton) has the best ice cream in the area (Mt. Tom's). And you can eat it on a little boardwalk by a pond. (Which has pedal boats, if you're stopping on the weekend.)
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When our son was a toddler, we'd stop at Magic Wings, a butterfly conservatory, in Deerfield while on our way out west.
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Eric Carle Museum in Amherst?
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Best answer: Not too far off 90 via 91 in Holyoke there is a nice playground for running around called Community Field. The Easthampton ice cream and pond suggestion is also good. From 90 you would go to Easthampton by going over Mt Tom and you can stop for some pretty views. You can also drive into the state park and hike and let your little enjoy the playground.
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Best answer: If the weather is bad, Easthampton has an indoor park that is amazing. It's called Mill 180.
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Be aware that there's a relatively long stretch (30 miles) without any exits from Westfield to Lee, though there's a service plaza in the middle for potty emergencies.
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You could also exit the Pike at Westfield and take US 20 the rest of the way to Lenox. I haven't been that way in years but there should be something interesting to do along the way.
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You could stop at exit 9 (onto rt 84) and then take the first exit off 84 (sturbridge) onto rt 20. Jimmy's ice cream is there. Other restaurants as well. There are family friendly walking/nature trails too (Google 'trek sturbridge' for maps and descriptions - there is an extensive network but it's also good for a quick walk - you can park very close to the ice cream shop and be strolling in minutes) and Olde Sturbridge village is basically in the backyard of Jimmy's.
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Just to be a little more specific, the arbitus trail at this link is the one I was thinking of as easy to access. It's the blue trail on the right side of the map and the little parking icon is on Olde sturbridge village road.
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Dr. Seuss Sculpture Garden in Springfield for some out-of-the-car time?
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