Books about athletes who became injured and could no longer play?
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I am looking for books about athletes or any really outdoorsy people who got injured and could no longer play their sport or do outdoorsy things. I am looking for nonfiction and I am particularly interested in how they coped with this loss. Extra points for a book about a woman climber who got hurt and could no longer climb.
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I think this article about a ballet dancer choosing to leave at the height of her career is an interesting read. I know it’s not exactly what you asked for but it’s an interesting framing of a different outcome of a typical problem of short careers:
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No book yet, but Quinn Brett
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It's been years since I read it, but I believe Roy Campanella's It's Good to be Alive fits your criteria. After playing in the Negro Leagues, Campanella finally made it to baseball's major leagues and was a rising star when he was in an auto accident that left him paralyzed. Most of the book addresses how he dealt with the sudden and catastrophic change in his life.
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Life Is Not An Accident by Jay Williams would fit the bill.
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I can't attest to their contents, but Dave Dravecky is a motivational speaker now and has several books under his name.
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The Breaks of the Game is one of the classic basketball books. Bill Walton's once-transcendent career did not end that season, but he was never close to being the same. Halberstam gets into the effects of the injuries on Walton as well as the team around him.
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