Alternative to Chacos?
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Any suggestions for alternatives to Chacos? I loved my black Z2 sandals. They were sturdy, well-made, comfortable, consistently sized, and provided great ankle support. I tried on a new pair last week--the sizing was off and the quality just wasn't there. I know I can get my current pair re-soled and/or re-webbed, and I've done that in the past with mixed results. Any recommendations? Thanks!
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Is it too obvious to say Tevas?

I like unshoes but I suspect they might be a little too minimalist for your needs.
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I bought a pair of Bedrock sandals (regular Cairn style) after a strap on my Chacos snapped. They’re noticeably lighter and I wondered if the strap style would feel as secure on uneven ground but they’re very adjustable and it hasn’t been an issue.
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Are you looking for a style replacement or a hiking replacement?
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Response by poster: Thank you for the responses!

phoenixy, The AhForgetIt Tendency - I don't want velcro. Will take a closer look at the options.

chesty_a_arthur - both! Chacos were a perfect combination of stability/support, simplicity and function. I could go from hiking and creek-walking to casual dinner without having to change shoes. At one time Chacos really were the sandal for me.
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If it helps to know, you only adjust the Bedrock back velcro strap once when you’re first fitting them to your feet, then you use the slide buckle to loosen/tighten same as the Chacos. Other brands I can think of (like the much more minimalist Luna or Xero, no personal experience) seem to have a similar setup or they’re just all velcro.
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Keen might have something you'd like.
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Luna sandals may have what you're looking for.
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