App that measures walking AND cycling activity?
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Is there an app for iPhone that will measure multiple both walking and cycling activity with minimal effort from me?

I currently use the free version of Pacer to get data on my walking activity. I'm not obsessive about it, I just like to idly check it from time to time and make sure I'm not being totally sedentary.

The problem is I actually spend way more of my time on a bike, for which Pacer gives me no credit at all (presumably I'm moving at the wrong pace, so it doesn't count it as physical activity). I know there exist apps specifically for tracking cycling, and that there are probably apps that I can manually enter data into for both activities, but I want something super hands-off that can intuit whether I'm walking or cycling and let me know how much I did both in a day.

I'm willing to spend a little money on something that will do the job without requiring effort from me, because I'll forget. I'm not willing to wear anything; I specifically want an app for my iPhone.

Does something this exist?
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Best answer: The default iOS health app does a pretty good job figuring out my walking vs running vs cycling movement but I do wear an Apple Watch that can track my heart rate, which I think makes that easier for the health app to track.

For totally hands-off there’s an app called Ride that automatically senses when your moving at bike speeds and will automatically track your rides. It doesn’t do walking though.
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Response by poster: Good call. Looks like I can send data from the Ride app and the Pacer app both to the Health App and just see my results there. Perfect!
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The app I used to like doesn’t exist anymore (RIP, Moves) but there’s one called “Human” that is OKAY. It senses whether you’re walking or biking or in a car, theoretically. It’s not always right but it’s easy to change the segment if you’re looking at it and want to get a more accurate idea. I feel like the Apple health app is equally inaccurate but as far as i know you can’t correct it.
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