Is barkcloth a comfortable fabric?
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Would barkcloth be irratable for someone with sensitive skin?

I've been buying aloha shirts off eBay and noticed some of the older vintage shirts from the 60s-70s are made from barkcloth. I don't know if this material will be too itchy against bare skin as I've never worn this fabric.
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Can you link to an example of what you are asking about? I have some experience with actual barkcloth/tapa/kapa, which is made from paper mulberry bark by a specific technique, and the texture varies quite a bit, depending on where it is made. Also, I'm asking because a lot of shirts called barkcloth are actually cotton etc. just printed with designs traditionally used on barkcloth, rather than being made of actual barkcloth.
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Here's a few examples (1) (2) with close-ups photo of the fabric.
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If you look closely at those pictures, you can see it’s woven, not literally sheets of bark pounded thin. It might be called ‘bark cloth’, but it’s not literal tapa/siapo.
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Mr. BlahLaLa has a milion of those shirts, and they're just woven fabric, mostly cotton. Unless you can't wear anything with a slightly rougher texture -- say, terrycloth -- you won't have a problem.
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Yep, agreeing with LizardBreath and BlahLaLa; those are just regular woven fabric, and they look like cotton/mostly cotton. They are just printed with designs taken from/inspired by barkcloth. They are not actually made of barkcloth.
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Barkcloth is generally textured cotton on the outside and smooth on the inside, so says this barkcloth skirt-wearer a d vintage curtain aficionado.
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