Merchandising! Merchandising!
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How do I, a manufacturer, hook up with a company, agency, or brand which holds the merchandising rights to a franchise or media property, to see if I can manufacture merchandise for them?

I make chocolates that look like space ships from properties such as star wars and doctor who, and some others, and I'd like to make them for somebody who already has the license or a relationship with someone along the chain of license-granting middlemen, as I am much better at making chocolate than I am at inserting myself into negotiations for intellectual property rights.

My ideal scenario would involve starting off producing these at a quantity suitable to a boutique brand or experience to star with (which would still be a huge quantity for me), as opposed to putting them on the shelves of every walmart in america.

What are the companies called that do this kind of thing? Merchandisers? Branding Agencies?

Are there specific entities anyone knows who I should talk to? What would the process look like?
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