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I'm seeking a video (not a specific video, but rather your suggestions for videos) where someone draws and talks about: ideas, inspiration, innovation, etc.

There was a huge trend of these a few years ago and I don't know what happened to all of them. When I google I just get 10000 results to the same ted talk where a dude is talking about how anyone can draw. This is not what I'm after.

The video style was always fairly simple (static or loosely animated) drawings on a whiteboard where some guy (usually blandly white sounding, this is defo not a requirement) would talk about a topic.

I want to use this for a work thing. We're a chill company so it doesn't have to be slick and ultra professional, but it should use PG-13 max language and not include pictures of dicks, etc.

The topic I'm after is anything even broadly related to innovation, getting ideas, or putting ideas into practice.

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UPS had a series of commercials back in 2007 (?!) featuring a guy drawing on a whitebaord while talking about different UPS services. Perhaps not quite as explanatory as you'd like, but it was the first thing that popped into my mind.
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The Financial Times yt channel used to have a bunch of videos done in this style... they were sub-branded as "PunkFT", which is getting me yt search and general search engine hits. Example: EU models for a post-Brexit UK
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RSA Animate has a bunch of these, including my favorite, 'First as Tragedy, then as Farce," in which Slavoj Zizek waxes philosophical about Starbucks. Looks like there are a few in there that might be useful for you.
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Also, Vi Hart (featured a bunch of times previously on MeFi) does lots of videos where she doodles to illustrate mathematical concepts (as well as other stuff).
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It's the term you're looking for "whiteboard explainer"?
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Draw My Life videos?
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It's the term you're looking for "whiteboard explainer"?

YES. Yes this appears to be what these things are called.

I'm looking for ones on the specific topic of innovation and so far most of my search results are how to make creative whiteboard explainer videos but at least I'm a LOT closer now. Thank you!
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Add the words “Daniel Pink” to your whiteboard Google search and you’ll get some archetypal ones.
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MOMO mindmap is a small studio doing this stuff.
Scroll down to see her previous work which includes free-style whiteboard drawings, which she calls "graphic facilitation".
(She was a student of mine and I am not objective, so do your own judgement)
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