Griddle Me!
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My awesome landlord just replaced my old gas stove with a brand new one with an integrated griddle! Yay! Besides pancakes and grilled cheese, help me brainstorm cool things to make on it. Thanks!
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Steak and cheese sandwiches!
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Heat up tortillas, hamburger buns, all your basic carbs.
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Parmesan and other cheese crisps.
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Grilled tomato slices are a classic part of a full breakfast.
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Tortillas, quesadillas, flatbread.
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Smashed burgers!
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French toast.
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Reheat leftover pizza!
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Fried Cheese!
Queso para Freir
put any one of those on the griddle for 5 minutes a side, slice up and serve with a dab of hot sauce and you have the killer app.

but real talk: depending on the model, the integrated griddle doesn't get as hot and effective as real cast iron on a big burner... so things like pancakes or grilled cheese, which are more time sensitive, aren't ideal. Anything that just needs to be on something hot and flat for an indeterminate amount of time is more appropriate.
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For what it's worth, the griddle is cast iron, with some sort of non-stick coating. And the heat seems pretty even. My grilled cheese was perfectly toasted all over. It's pretty awesome.
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It's an amazing comal for tortillas - I have an electric one and use it for that constantly. It's also great for vegetables: eggplant, zucchini, sliced or halved potatoes, green beans, halved or quartered brussels sprouts, asparagus. Also fantastic for fish fillets, steaks, sausages (either the heat-and-eat kind or you can simmer raw sausages in flavorful broth first and brown on the griddle at the end).

Just plain old toast! Toasters have their place, I guess, but give me fried bread any day.
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Griddled bread is far superior to toast.
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Most things you would make in a frying pan work fine on a grill. I've even seen someone make pasta sauce on a grill. Crushed tomatoes reduce really fast on a 36" grill, and you just scrape them into a smaller and smaller puddle as they cook down.

Brown some meat. You'll have no fear of crowding the pan, and you'll have lots of elbow room to scrape up the fond afterward.

Oh, and there's no reason you couldn't do this in a pan, but if you have a whole grill, try making a chupaqueso. It is the only formerly fictitious food I know: a cheese omelet where the enclosing egg shell is actually more cheese fried hard. Like eating the crispy bits around the edge of a grilled cheese sandwich, but all the way through the sandwich.
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A "grills with". With props to the University Diner and the White Spot (home of the Gus Burger), take two glazed donuts and grill them for two minutes at medium heat on each side. With 15 seconds to go on the 2nd side, add two scoops of vanilla ice cream. Serve immediately. Friggin' amazing.
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You guys are great! Griddle toast folks, are you “toasting” the bread dry on the griddle like toast, or buttering it first, like a grilled cheese without the cheese?
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For me, it's buttered first. This is why it's so delicious. :D
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Get a 'bacon press' and make diner-perfect (Full English approved, too) flat crispy bacon.

Look at it as an exercise in seasoning the griddle =)
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are you “toasting” the bread dry on the griddle like toast, or buttering it first

I like to carefully create a puddle of butter on the surface and set the bread down in that.
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Puddle of butter, and then move the bread in a circle once or twice when you lay it down. 100% coverage guaranteed. Also works if you butter the bread first.
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corned beef hash
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