Progressive flags
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Apart from the LGBTQIA+ flag, are there other progressive movements with their own flags?
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From the 60s/70s we have the Black Liberation Flag and the United Farm Workers flag, often used by the Chicano movement. There are many other symbols used by both groups too.
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Wikipedia category Flags by issue, particularly Activism Flags and Sexuality Flags.
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The Ecology Flag is one that was a bigger deal in the 70s but you still sometimes see it.
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This article has a picture of an Antifascist Flag in it. It's often flown by antifa in protest, street actions, concerts, and the like.
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I guess this is farther left even than "progressive," but the red flag for communism and the black flag for anarchism are pretty widely recognized.

(The antifa flag spinifex23 links to started as a symbol of a specific antifascist movement that united communists and anarchists against a common enemy, and so it pictures the red flag and the black flag flying side by side.)
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The diagonal color-and-black flag is expansive of various flavors of anarchism, including “anarcho-capitalism”*, which is black and yellow, and anarcho-primitivism, which is black and green.

*not a thing
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Cascadia Now is a "positive social movement for the unified Pacific Northwest...that seeks to cultivate and resilient and inclusive Pacific Northwest community." Many people in the area sport the Doug Fir flag.
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The Advocate collects some Q flags that aren't on Wikipedia's list.
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Not sure everyone would agree they're a progressive organization, but Sea Shepherd has their own flag.
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Each section of LGBTQIA+ generally has a flag for their individual part
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There's the Mohawk Warrior / Unity flag.

The Idle No More movement has several versions of the fist & feather.
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The earth flag is used by environmentalists and causes that are global.
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