Conflict Resolution: TV shows or movies?
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Can anyone recommend tv shows or movies where interpersonal conflict gets totally out of control, escalation, hatred, self-justifying cognitive dissonance, and doubling-down, but somehow ultimately gets resolved nonviolently? (earned happy-ish ending, not tragedy, maybe some bittersweet irony) So, I'm looking for psychological realism, not overly dramatic or melodramatic. But the premise could be very contrived and/or in outer space (or very realistic).
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(disgust, outrage, horror, hatred...)
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Planes, Trains and Automobiles, directed by John Hughes and starring Steve Martin and John Candy (from 1987). It's excellent.
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A number of Mike Leigh films, but particularly Life is Sweet, All or Nothing, and Secrets & Lies
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The Family Stone, with Diane Keaton, Dermot Mulroney, and a hilariously overacting Sarah Jessica Parker. (It was like she decided there was no way to play the part totally straight so she had a little fun with it.) And, I'm not a huge Owen Wilson fan but he really can act. He hit just the right notes despite the uneven script. The whole thing is an over-the-top family melodrama but the cast is so good that they elevate it. There are some genuinely poignant moments and they achieve a kind of happiness at the end.

If you want something similar but with more comedy, The Big Chill still works. Instead of a family at the center of the movie, it's a long-time friend group. Again, really excellent cast. Some of them look so young to me now. It's over 30 years old so there's some dated references but it holds up.
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The "bottle episode" of Community springs to mind, but it's been a while since I saw it.
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I absolutely love the way Rob and Sharon fight in Catastrophe. They escalate A LOT...and yet underneath it all is their fundamental compatibility and their love for one another.
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Slings & Arrows.
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There's probably something in Friday Night Lights that will give you what you're looking for. There are some conflicts that do result in violence, but many others that don't.
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Gossip Girl?
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This might not be quite what you're looking for given that it's a procedural, but the TV series Flashpoint was about a Canadian special response unit that often resolved high-risk situations non-violently. Not always, but often enough some possibly violent, out of control interpersonal situation (i.e. hostage situation, robbery gone wrong, kidnapping, etc.) gets resolved by the team by non-violent means. However, the protagonists are basically a SWAT team, so guns are present and sometimes it does all end in violence. Still, it remains one of my favorite procedurals because it was an ultimately kind show where the goal was never to make the bad guys pay, but rather to bring everyone home safely and resolve things as peacefully as possible.
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Maybe Closer would fit the bill.
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Gilmore Girls:

High conflict, egregious escalation, complete lack of violence, many happy endings through self realization, interpersonal understandings and witty repartee, etc. also very cute and very 90s, ymmv.
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Funny, that’s not a bad overall description of the 2016 CBS show Braindead. It’s about spacebugs taking over politician’s brains in DC. There’s some minor violence, but it’s a good show that “rewards repeat viewing” (we binged it over Memorial Day). Bonus: Jonathan Coulton sings the episode recaps.
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Studio Ghibli's 'Spirited Away' is a series of dangerous situations that are resolved peacefully by the protagonist

'Princess Mononoke' has a protagonist who tries to resolve situations peacefully but fails (until the end)
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This is exactly the recent-ish movie "Tag". The whole movie is this.
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And I'd say Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is also this.
Spoilers below
(for a ten year old movie yes) The movie is about the characters' escalation of interpersonal conflict with the climax as the procedure they have done and the resolution is them starting over.
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I immediately thought of 12 Angry Men
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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend!
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Dead to Me has this theme but I can't say more without spoilers.
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Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. Just when you think this Gordian Knot of false identities and cross purposes is hopeless, WHAM! along comes the Sword of Truth to sort the mess out.
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Steven Universe does this over and over again, with varying levels of breakdown. N.B. there is also cartoon violence where dangerous creatures get “bubbled”/put into stasis.
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