Looking for beautiful, live a cappella performances
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Inspired by this Bon Iver video, I'm looking for videos of live a cappella performances, with an emphasis on beautiful melodies and harmonies in contemporary songs.

I would also be okay with minimal instrumental backup a la a Tiny Desk concert or Blogotheque Take Away show. I'm explicitly not looking for typical "rockappella" or "Pitch Perfect" type of performances or recordings/audio.

Links to specific performances are preferred. Thanks!

PS: I have already seen these previouslies (1//2//3), but none of them quite fit the bill (mostly recordings or outdated links).
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It's a minimal instrument link rather than proper a cappella, but Dawes does a great stripped-down version of How Far We've Come. (Same-but-different versions here and here)
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Untrust Us

I'm assuming that vocal choruses like Scala and Young@Heart are not what you're looking for?
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Sara Bareilles has roots in a cappella. You might like this performance with Ben Folds and Caroline Shaw (orchestra comes in 2/3 of the way through). Gives me goosebumps.
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This beautiful, guitar-only First Aid Kit cover of Fleet Foxes launched their career!
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You may have found this already, but the Yeasayer A Take Away transit segment is a capella and a favorite performance of Redcave of mine.

Their One To One segments as well, especially the Damien Rice one.

It has some instruments, but I like the First Aid Kit cover of You Want It Darker.
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This one always moves me almost to tears. Not very contemporary any more (except for old farts like me).
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers so far! Digging Untrust Us and the Damien Rice links. Just to direct any additional responses:

+ @Candleman - not especially interested in choirs/chorsus
+ Also not interested in people singing operatically (not even sure if this is the right term?), as in the video from aqsakal's link

Otherwise, keep 'em coming!
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evinha & trio esperança - aquarela do brasil
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If you get outside of English and/contemporary:

Balkan village music, highly stylized/modernized:

I don't know anything about what this Greek song is, but it's such a nice arrangement with a bunch of the Greek vocal ornamentations:

This is a stunning performance (and an incredible video) of one of the psalms by a Georgian congregation led by a Syrian Christian Orthodox priest- I think it's misidentified here but I can't remember which one it actually is. I think I saw somewhere on the Internet that it's Psalm 51 and not 53:

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Imogen Heap with London Contemporary Voices

Árstíðir are singing an old song but it's close enough to the style that I figured it was worth mentioning.
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Well, I was going to recommend The Staves, but I see they're right there in the video you linked, so I'll just say you should explore their catalog. Three voices, usually accompanied only by one guitar or one piano.
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The Wailin' Jennys--The Parting Glass (Live)
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I went to see The Unthanks earlier this week - they might fit your bill. Three women doing vocal harmonies on English and Irish folk songs - esp. Northumbrian music. Sometimes with minimal accompaniment, as here, but they were purely a cappella when I saw them on Tuesday.
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A few from Latin America:
La Colmena's cover of Lila Downs' "Zapata se queda"
Sexto Sentido's funky harmonized version of a traditional song for Yoruba deity Elegguá (hang on for at least a minute for harmonies to kick in)
Aymama "Mal das"
Aca Seca Trio: "Panambí Jovhé," "Canto en la rama"
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Joseph - Wind
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Morgan Sorne
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