What can't we miss on the route between Geneva and Venice?
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My husband and I going to be doing a romantic roadtrip between Geneva and Venice this summer, taking a few days to stop at quirky sites or smaller towns as we go. (We'd take the train but don't want to be a slave to train schedules since we're short on time.) We normally just fly into big cities so this is our one chance to see Swiss/Northern Italian spots most easily-reachable by car!

We're seeking off-the-beaten-path historic spots, gorgeous vistas, stellar places to eat or stay, or creepy places/cemeteries -- we love those. We will probably swing by the Lake District so if you have any recommendations for specific spots around there, that would be great too! Thanks!
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I spent a short summer in Cannero Riviera, and have a fondness for Verbania. Nothing specific, but glorious wandering and soaking it all up. Como is beautiful of course.

I've always wanted to visit Lago di Braies, but it's slightly off your path, especially if you're short on time.
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I just looked on google maps, and the classic sites you are passing are all so wonderful, I wouldn't pass them by. Piacenza, Verona and Vicenza are all places worth visiting, and not too touristy at all. You might want to visit some of the villas of Palladio, my favorite is the Villa Barbero in Maser.
I also once visited the Serego Alighieri winery, and loved it. It's romantic, and Dante lived there.
If you want to go to the lakes, I once stayed at this place, when it wasn't fancy at all. Don't know how it is today, but the site is perfect, you can sail on the boats all over the Como lake and the distance up into the Alps is short. However, if it were my choice, I'd stay on the direct route to Venice and enjoy all the marvels there.
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