Concrete Retaining Wall Planters
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While on a recent trip in Europe, we saw many retaining walls built with pre-cast concrete rings or boxes, which allowed for planting in the tops of the overlapping rings. Are there any US sources for these, or similar?

My Google-fu is usually much stronger than this. I found tons of pictures on Pinterest and blogs with barely-english, probably computed text, but no sources. Finally, with some reverse image searches, I found a source in the Czech Republic that makes all of the styles we saw.

I would like to build a similar wall to step-grade some parts of my property. Are there any US sources for similar items? Preferably southeastern US, especially Florida.
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Since this needs to be pretty local (shipping this would cost a TON) I would visit your local landscaping supply store, show them the photos, and see if they have something similar or of they will order it for you.

I'd also suggest that you consult a landscaper about the wall, unless you are quite handy, as heavy things that need to not fall down are often best done by experts.
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Best answer: This is available in the U.S., because I walked by a wall like this today (in California). It looked similar to this. If I see the owners the next time I go by, I'll ask where they got them.
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There are many options available. Use search strings like ‘retaining wall [module/modular] [plant/planter/green]’. I’m guessing the modular part is what you were missing. Anyway my first search brought up Furbishco, based in MD but would seem to be available in many areas.

Their line is called SmartSlope: Vegetated Retaining Wall, and their gallery has many nice planting photos. I’m sure with those search terms you can find both similar products and a local supplier (on mobile or I would link more :)
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This is much more basic than what you saw, but it's definitely cheap and readily available.
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At least in the UK these are called breeze blocks. Concrete hollow breeze blocks.
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Best answer: The commercial hardscape biz is likely where you find these sorts of blocks - they are often used to make a noise wall look nicer to the passing motorists. Look for a local materials yard for round hollow cement retaining blocks. Here’s the sort thing you are looking for: 16” round (or however big you want the planter bit) or here for a manufacturer of these sort of blocks. Just bury half the block and stagger them like a pyramid and you are all set for days of back breaking labor.
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Response by poster: pinochiette, I would welcome any insight from those folks in California. The picture you link to is one of the same styles we saw in Europe, and I think the style is shown on the site I linked that makes them for the Czech Republic.

zenon, those concrete rounds are almost perfect, excepting they are concrete colored. This is a small backyard project, so I don't think I'm going to see if I can get them to run me a tinted batch.
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Response by poster: So as not to abuse the edit window, Carroll's appears to be only about 30 miles from my house, so I think I will call and see if they can do tinted versions. Thanks, zenon!
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