Slice it Dice help me digest long, nonfiction books and articles
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I'm looking for an app like serial reader that will take the article or epub of my choosing and email it to me to read, one ten-minute chunk at a time.

So Serial Reader has a bunch of free books, and it will email you a short chunk that can be read in ten to fifteen minutes. I have a vague recollection of a perl script that would do the same thing, but with the file of one's choosing. I'm wondering if there is an app or web service for this. I realize, of course, that the best solution is to try to reclaim my attention span. Android or IOS or the web will work. I will probably have to just work through Automate the Boring Stuff with Python and write my own.
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I was hoping you'd get more answers, because I was looking for the same thing a couple of years ago. FWIW, I resolved to make my own in the end. (And of course, I didn't.)

But if it helps you in any way, the website DailyLit operates on the same principle.
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