Need Pro Advice on How to Create a Legal Freelance Copywriter Contract
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I am in the beginning stages of hiring more clients for my writing career and want to make sure I cover all my bases legally and specifically for new work outside of a large company's context. I work in the NJ/NY area and want to make sure I don't get rolled over by unscrupulous clients.

Any anecdotes, words of advice and resources are most welcome from folks already living La Vida Freelance in NYC.
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So exciting! Even though it seems like an unneeded expense, it’s worth it to see a lawyer for the basics. If you haven’t done so already, you will want to get advice about forming an LLC or corporation to protect yourself and your personal assets. You’ll also want them to draw up a form client contract with sections you can eliminate if not applicable. You’re looking for an attorney who specializes in small privately held companies. I’m not in NY/NJ and can’t make a personal recommendation but the lawyer you’re looking for is usually active in the local bar association so if you decide to go this route I would start with the NYCBA. Good luck!
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I can enthusiastically recommend a lawyer licensed in NY - specializing in startups, creatives, individual consultants - Robert Weinberger. I do consulting / freelance work and he was immensely helpful with proper business entity setup, contracts, etc - as well as a perspective on legal issues that feels very relationship-based.
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I use the Professional Writers' Association of Canada's standard contract and the Editors' Association of Canada's one for editorial - not sure how well it transfers to a US context. The National Writers' Union has member-only resources.
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