Free W10 tool to batch filename, title, alt tags for photos?
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I have to upload a collection of images to Flickr and some other photo sites. I need a tool where I can batch the filename, photo titles, alt tags and metadescriptions/captions. Is there a free tool for W10 that does this?
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You can do batch operations on images using IrfanView. []

I've used it for years to do basic stuff with photos. The learning curve isn't too steep. And the price is FREE (but it does have a quality interface and options). I'm not sure it has batch options for all the things you'd like to update but give it a look.

The `batch` options is clearly listed in the File dropdown menu.

YMMV, good luck, and Enjoy! :)

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Came here to say what sandpine already did. IrfanView can really do a lot of cool stuff. Here's how to do it in there.
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Adobe Bridge is also free and has some batch renaming options.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everybody! I'll try these out over the next week or so and will report back.
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