Graphics tablet that works with Mac Movaje 10.14?
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Hi! I purchased the XP-Pen Deco 01 graphics tablet, which seemed perfect for my needs -- cheap, for a beginner, large workspace, etc. It never worked because the driver never worked. I spent a long time talking to support; they were only intermittently available. Support insisted it was a bum USB cable. I am...less sure. Googling around, it seems lots of graphics tablets have trouble with the Mojave update. What do?

What tablet set up would you recommend for a beginner who a) needs the thing to work, and b) might want room to expand, and c) who is using Mojave on a MacBook Air? My biggest problem with Wacom was the price to work space issue (3 inches? 3 inches??), but if that's what works...

Thank you!
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Try watching your local Facebook For Sale or Craigslist. I got a large Intuos5 for less than $200 from an art student who was moving on to other mediums, a couple of years ago. Wacom's pricy and I'm not convinced the price is always worth it, but if vendor support is a thing you want, they're going to be better than the low-cost players. Unfortunately I've always just bought Wacom so I don't know much about the other players in the space. Huion comes up somewhat frequently, and Monoprice sells a couple of things that are well regarded. Not sure about curren mac compatibility though.

If cost is a big issue, it might be worth trying a different USB-C cable, too, before spending more money on another tablet. And a quick Google found me a support document specifically for xp-pen tablets on Mojave. Have you been through that process yet?
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Response by poster: Thanks for answering :) Yes, that is the document I went through repeatedly with support. I am unfortunately not on Facebook (well, unfortunately for this; not so unfortunate otherwise), but I can probably ask others to look around.
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Oh! You might want to look at discussion forums for tools like Krita — since they’re free, there tends to be more focus on supporting hobbyists who use budget tablets. Might be someone talking about it, there.
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