Backing up my iPod and iPhone sans iTunes
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Which software is best for backing up iPod and iPhone? (iTunes does not work right on my computer). I would love to preserve iPhone notes and photos and most importantly, my iPod's playlists. And how do I add music to my iPod if iTunes won't recognize it? Is there an alternative program I could use for that?

I am trying to backup my iPod and my phone, and wanted to ask which software is best for that. I have been recommended iMazing, but wanted to ask what y'all recommend. I would love to preserve iPhone notes and photos and most importantly, my iPod's playlists.

My iPhone is an 64 GB iPhone 8 model A1863. My iPod is 160GB Classic, and I've had it for at least 8 years. It's one of my most treasured possessions.

iTunes does not work to backup my phone or iPod, and I can't put new music on the iPod bc iTunes won't recognize it, despite trying all the tricks of restarting...everything short of resetting to factory settings. I want to back up the iPod very much because I'm afraid it will die soon. I adore the playlists and would love to preserve them. I also would like to know how to put music onto my iPod without iTunes recognizing it. I use a Macbook Pro 2015.
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Best answer: Hi there,

I've had a great experience using iExplorer for this.

Have copied lots of data off of my iPhones and an old iPod with it (though that was 2+ years ago). With an iPhone things are a bit easier since as long as you have an iTunes backup there are other tools you can use to extract all the data you want from it. For an iPod that iTunes no longer supports, iExplorer should work.

Good luck!
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I too am interested, as I have old Ipod nanos, which are no longer made, but which have a ton of original music on them, and I can't get itunes to recognize them anymore.
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I use imazing for this stuff and it works well
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What operating system and version of iTunes are you running on your Mac?
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Response by poster: @delezzo - iTunes, Mac OS is High Sierra, version 10.13.6. I know I have to update the OS, but even when the prior OS was new, I still had these problems.
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