The cat is coming from inside the couch.
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My little monsters - always innovating in the art of destroying our precious few pieces of furniture - have recently dug a hole through the bottom of the couch and enjoy climbing inside the guts to make a private crazytime leisure fort. I've temporarily covered the hole(s) with aluminum foil, but ... what fabric can I replace it with that will be tougher and more resistant to their future couch-fort spelunking?
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Can you clarify what they've tunneled through? Is it just tack cloth on the underside of the springs of the couch or is it actual couch infrastructure?
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Response by poster: Yeah, just tack cloth, or that gauzy black polypropylene stuff. Sorry, I realized after I posted that I wasn't clear.
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Ballistic nylon. Its the same stuff that heavy duty backpacks are made from.
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Canvas also works. My cats did this with box springs. We staple-gunned some sail weight canvas, which we had handy, and that has worked for a couple of years.
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My son & his girlfriend stapled window screening across the bottom of their couch to solve this problem. (The pet-sturdy kind.) It's worked for several months so far.
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We had the same problem with our couch. I can anti-rec fleece, which my partner and I thought would be thick enough to discourage tiny claws. This is incorrect. They carefully worked at the fleece around the staples until they had made themselves a new hole. Cats are very innovative.
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We applied Gorilla tape to the existing tack cloth and taped up the holes. The teenage house panther that lives with us has yet to tear a hole in that.
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My own little monsters did this to my new sofa (disclaimer: it's a €400 sofa, not a fancy one) which had the base covered with some gauzy black stuff. I let them snooze in their secret hammock-cave for a few months until they managed to pull the cloth free of the staples in a few places, then I just took scissors and cut it all off. It didn't seem to serve any actual purpose, and it has not changed the sofa, other than 100% less worry that somehow the couch will collapse while I'm sitting on it and squish a kitty.
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