Seeking QGIS course or workshop or usergroup in Melbourne Australia
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Asking for a friend - Does anyone know of an introductory-ish QGIS course or workshop or usergroup in Melbourne Australia. User is highly technical, on a mac, but has no prior GIS background.
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If they don't find something suitable in Melbourne, we often run an intro to GIS workshop like this at the Australasian Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DH Downunder) and use QGIS as the software. Not sure yet whether we'll be doing so this year. The Summer Institute this year will be in Newcastle in the second week of December, so it's not too far to travel and since we try to keep the fees very low, even including travel it may work out cheaper than a commercially run course in Melbourne.

(I'm also happy to send through a handout / tutorial I use in the class, which your friend should be able to manage to work through on their own. Memail me if that's helpful.)
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