Brainstorming a long weekend in Spain
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I live in Barcelona, and I'd like to travel for around 5 days over the Easter weekend, so I'm looking for ideas/tips. I'm considering going to Ronda, and would like input on different possibilities for how to spend my time around there; I'm also very open to alternative suggestions.

I've done a lot of day/weekend trips around Catalonia and nearby parts of France, so this time I'd like to go further afield than the immediate surrounding area. I've recently visited Sevilla and Granada, so while they were amazing, I'd like to try somewhere else this time. I'm thinking of taking the train to Ronda, but then I'm not sure what (if anything) to combine it with.

Things I like: lots of nature, pueblos con encanto would be neat as well, long train trips, ideally some walking routes as well. I also own a foldable bike with decent tires, but it's fairly lightweight, so while it's fine for roads I'm not sure that I could use it on proper mountainbiking paths.

Possibilities I'm considering:
- spending a day in Ronda, and doing a multi-day hike through the Parque Alcornocales. Ideally I have camping equipment, but it looks like there aren't that many campsites, so I guess I'd be better off staying in hotels in places like Ubrique instead
- staying in Ronda the whole time, doing day hikes around the area
- spending a couple of days in Ronda, then taking the direct bus to Cádiz or to somewhere else on the coast
- abandoning the idea of getting around by train, and renting a car instead
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Best answer: I think it would be easier for you to rent a car. My two favorite things in that area are not accessible by train:
1. Cueva de la Pileta is an easy drive from Ronda and is definitely worth seeing. Around 100 years ago a farmer found a cave on his property with 20,000 year old paintings in it. His family still owns the land and his descendants give tours. It's one of the most unique and memorable experiences of my travel life.
3. Hacienda El Santiscal, a rural inn with gorgeous views of Arcos de la Frontera on the hill a few miles away. An evening there after a long day hiking sounds like heaven to me - it's small, quiet, and lovely.
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