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I‘m trying to stay informed about the gilets jaunes protests in France, but coverage in English and German language newspapers is not very extensive or deep. I would like to read reliable French sources. Can you recommend some?

I know about Le Figaro and Le Monde. Almost everything there is paywalled, and although I‘m not adverse to paying for journalism, $10 a month just to read about this specific topic seems like a lot (would be fine with paying per article).

Are there any other reliable sources? I follow a few pages on Facebook but would prefer actual journalism. My french is passable enough to read a newspaper story but never having lived in France, I lack cultural knowledge and references so something super inside baseball or biased is not that helpful.
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France24 and BFM are other French news sources.
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If you don’t mind English, The Guardian is a very reliable European news source.
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Second vote for France 24's English feed. It streams live 24/7 on Youtube, so easy to access. I watch it frequently. It is surprisingly centrist most of the time, has much more science and environmental coverage than any US network, and is almost the only outlet where I can get wide-ranging and frequent coverage of events in Africa.
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This essay on the Yellow Jackets seemed nessecary:
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Libération has plenty of non-paywalled coverage available.
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There are quite a few essays on Tocqueville 21.
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I listen to RFI (Radio France Internationale) in the car a lot. It's a bit hit or miss, there's an hour about news from Africa, etc - that is, it's not all regional/local news all the time, but about once a week I'll hit on something about the filets jaunts including fora with a couple voices from different walks of life. English link to RFI.
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