Looking for podcasts in French
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Formerly fluent in French and I'd like to get back in the groove with some podcasts. Not interested in straight nightly news-type programs or anything for language learners. English language podcasts I enjoy: The Bugle (more when John was on), 99% Invisible, Planet Money, Hidden Brain. Anything you like along those lines?
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La Marche de l'Histoire

I should have some more but my source is hard to reach currently. If I don't remember to follow up and post more and you don't get enough other suggestions, memail me a reminder.
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Autour de la question features discussions with experts about interesting issues in all kinds of fields, ranging from the natural sciences and technology to psychology, philosophy, and economics.
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Les Pieds sur Terre : the producers originally took their inspiration from This American Life
La Bulle économique or, if you find the format too short (4mn), Entendez-vous l'éco ? But I prefer Marie Viennot's Bulle, she is somehow fresher, more original.
Grand bien vous fasse easy listening show, can be too chatty and superficial, often features authors of pop psychology books but at times also more serious experts
La série documentaire
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You can use https://www.listennotes.com to search for podcasts based on category and language
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Popping in to point to my previous answer to a somewhat similar question, and to specifically call out a new find I've had since then: Distorsion: histoires étranges de l'ère numérique.

Contrary to what you might think from the title, it's not specifically about digital or tech topics, but I'd say a mix of episodes about Internet mysteries, true crime, explorations of modern life: episodes have included topics such as the Stuxnet virus in Iran's nuclear system, MH 370, the Dupont de Ligonnès murders, or cyberbullying.

(Note that this is a Québec-produced podcast, so both the presenters have light Québec accents: more noticeable than Radio-Canada, much less noticeable than colloquial speech.)
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