Runners - have you ever run from the Hyatt Place Pittsburgh Airport?
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Everyone was 100% correct the last time I asked this question (last time it was about Rt. 25 in Riverhead, NY), so here goes. I did call the hotel, and they were friendly but not very helpful because I suspect they kind of didn't understand exactly what I meant; I also looked at Google Maps and the Google street view of the place, but it's kind of hard to tell.

So, does anyone have first-hand experience in running outside starting from the Hyatt Place Pittsburgh Airport on Campbells Run Rd. (which looks like it's around 9-10 miles from the airport, which makes me a little more hopeful)? Are there any/enough sidewalks or paths to do a 2-mile straightaway, loop or series thereof to cobble together a 4-mile jog? It doesn't look like there are neighborhoods near by to hop in to. The place has a fitness center with a treadmill, but I'd prefer to avoid that.

(This time I will not be running at the crack of dawn, but in the 7-8:30 am range.)

Thanks, runner and walker people!
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I've never run there, but I've driven around the area plenty. Neither Campbell's Run Road nor Steubenville Pike have sidewalks (though Steubanville Pike does have wide grass berms). That area is basically strip malls within strip malls within strip malls. If I were you, I'd aim myself towards Park Manor Drive, which does have sidwalks, then run around the perimeter of the Robinson Mall a couple times (at that hour, you're fine just running around the outside of the parking lot). From your hotel to the Mall and then one loop around the Mall is a bit under 2 miles. Two loops around and then back to the hotel will get you to around 4. It won't be scenic, but you won't get run over.
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Thank you!
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The strava heatmap pretty much lines up with soren_lorensen's advice, if that helps!
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Agree with park Manor Blvd, but I'd head down to the Montour trail which intersects at the bottom of park Manor.
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