Looking for a new email client
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Is there an email client for Windows that handles large mail folders and works better than Outlook or Thunderbird?

The folks where I work tend to keep emails forever, and they have a difficult time staying on top of an archive plan. Since many of these messages have attachments, the folders containing their email files are currently running 3-4 gigabytes. The result of this in Outook, and more recently in Thunderbird, is easily corrupted data files. Is there a POP email client out there for Windows that is better suited for this type of use?
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Recent versions of Outlook will auto-archive your messages however you like.
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A strict policy for archiving old data works better than a site-wide redeployment of mail clients.

Consider a class on creating PST files (or whatever Lookout! calls them) on a per-project basis. Keeps the file size down and allows people to (somewhat) be okay with archiving them when they get old.
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The Bat is the best email client for large mail volume and/or power users, hands down.
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You may not believe me but opera's email client is great for large volumes of mail. It indexes my 4 GB worth of mail quite easily.
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