Free forum host that works?
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Desperately seeking free, reliable forum hosting for simple two or three topic forum.

The good news: my petition campaign to Save the 76 Ball has been picked up by the BBC, UPI and Daily Telegraph, with charmingly cheeky headlines playing on the word "ball."

The bad news: the free forum where I've asked people to post 76 Ball sightings and stations that are already missing their iconic signage has been down more than up the past few days, with a 500 internal server error. According to their support board, this is not a problem that's going away until a new version of the forum is written.

If anyone can recommend another free forum host that is not experiencing significant downtime now, I'd greatly appreciate it. Alternately, if anyone has experience getting Drupal's forum module to work, any thoughts on why it's not for us? Thanks!
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I know a number of people who are happy with Forumer, where you can opt for either a phpBB or an IPB board.
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Best answer: How much bandwidth and server load do you think it might cause? Are these forums very high traffic?

If it's low traffic, I might be willing to set up a free forum for you. If it's high traffic, I might be willing to do it if I can maybe place ads on it to help me offset costs for increased bandwidth/server load it would cause.

Let me know if you have some rough numbers.
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If you're looking for one that's web-hosted and is free (but you have to put up with banner ads) -- check out InVision Free or ProBoards. Set-up is very easy.
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I'm feeling generous. See link in my profile. I have plenty of bandwidth & disk to donate.
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drstein: Just curious - is that a typo on the page in your profile? 500 gigabytes / month for $6 per month?

That can't be serious... unless... well maybe you have the most amazing bandwidth deal ever?
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Response by poster: Thanks for the offer, drstein, but twiggy already hooked me up. I hope both you mensches have a marvelous weekend. And as soon as the broken forum is live again, I'll be migrating the 76 Balls to their new home on
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twiggy, that doesn't seem all *that* outlandish. Dreamhost's entry level plan starts at 1TB/month for $10/month ($8/month prepaid) (and you get 32GB more every month). Plus, you get 20GB disk.

I love Dreamhost so much I can't stand it sometimes.
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