Where are all the cool kids finding drum'n bass mixes these days?
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Back in the day (say, early 2000s) when P2P services like Napster, LimeWire, Kazaa, and the like were ascendant you could find amazing live drum 'n bass DJ sets. I have recently gotten nostalgic for this era of music and see on Spotify that many of the artists I followed back then (Andy C, Ed Rush + Optical, DJ Hype, Dom + Roland) are still pretty active and making new music, but DnB isn't that fun to listen to song by song. Where do folks find live mixes these days?
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I have never qualified as a cool kid except in the nerdiest of circles, but bassblog.pro always has a bunch of recent mixes.
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BassDrive is always streaming.
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Podcasts mixes from Hospital Records and black sun empire.
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Boiler Room might be of interest
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Mixcloud. Rinse FM.
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Doc Scott has a weekly Future Beats podcast.
The Sun and Bass festival puts out a solid series of mixes.
Noisia Radio isn't a pure mix podcast, but the Noisia boys are charming little nerds so I enjoy their banter.
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DJ EZC has a really good liquid drum n bass podcast available on itunes.
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BBC Radio has a lot of good dance music content.

You'll enjoy this:
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I think you might like http://jungletrain.net/
They broadcast regularly via their website (check their schedule for upcoming live shows), and they’ve got mixes available to access at your convenience. Strong forums too. They’ve been at this non-stop since 2001.
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