Mahjong: Seattle store selling sets, meetups playing HKOS, Mac/iOS game?
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1.) Is there a place in Seattle that sells them? I'd guess there must be some place in the International District that does, but I haven't had luck finding one. 2.) Are there any meetup groups who play Cantonese / Hong Kong Old Style (HKOS) rules? 3.) Is there a good game that plays by these rules that's available for Mac or iOS, and which is available as a direct download, or in the US App Store?

To be clear, this is for the Chinese 4-player mahjong game (similar to Rummy) developed in the late 19th century, and not the much more recent solitaire game (e.g., Activision's Shanghai, Gunshy, Shanghai Solitaire, Taipei, Kyodai, Moraff's).

1.) The few stores I found info on don't seem to be open anymore.
2.) All of the meetups I've been able to find info on play by American rules or Japanese Riichi rules.
3.) There seem to be a bunch that are in the China app store, or other countries. The ones I've found in the US App Store are very unclear as to which rule set they play by, and I'd rather not buy half a dozen games to try to figure it out.
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Did you try calling Uwajimaya? I know its a japanese store but they may have them in their gift department. Have you called Ranch 99 in Lynnwood? Or if you are feeling up to an adventure, visit Chinatown and look for the souvenir places. I know the Great Wall Mall in Kent has a few gifty places but I'm unsure if any carry them.

I would also call around to the local boardgame stores.
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Uncle's Games in Bellevue and Redmond definitely carried a variety of them last I knew. It's been years since I was in one of their stores, though, so definitely call to check.
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Response by poster: Thanks, folks. I’ve checked a few of those places, but I have’t checked Great Wall Mall or Uncle’s. I’ll give it a shot.

No meetup ideas or Mac/iOS games?
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