I loved my mahjong. I hate Windows 10. Looking for a specific game
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Can you help me find my mahjong game? (American style, AKA mahjong solitaire)

Before I loaded the POS that is Win10, I had a mahjong game that I enjoyed much better than anything else I've found online or in any apps. Evil 10 deleted it.

The game was something I downloaded free several years ago and a stand-alone program.

It had a clear basic tile pattern, but was customizable with 8-9 other types--some I remember were the Halloween, the cartoons, and a kiddy tile set--I never much looked at the others, just used the standard set.

The background could be varied.

The sound was on/off--it was a sort of soothing generic faux-Oriental repetitive theme.

There was a score counter, a hint button, reverse a play, shuffle, and maybe a couple other selections.

You could generate a graph of your highest score, fastest time, etc.

You could set up tile and background customization in accounts for other players.

The tiles could be set for a 2 or a 3 dimensional view with shadows. They were a bright white, with large, clear, strong color characters. The bamboo, chrysanthemum, orchid, and plum had a colored representative blossom or plant. The dragons were red and green. It had a look of a quality set of tiles.

You could select game difficulty.

There was a ton of games to choose from in each difficulty of play, and the scoring was such that it went from bronze, to silver, to gold in about 20(?) games, and then progressed on in a harder format.

There were two unique features about this program.

The first, that I really enjoyed, was the ability to score points. Not sure if I remember it 100%, but it ran something like this:

Good points could be garnered by matching four of one type--all winds, or all dragons of one color, or all the same numbers. Lesser points could be made from four numbers of different suits eg. all sevens, one of stones, two of characters, and one of bamboo, to make a total set of four. The highest scores would be finding sequential tiles of the same suit. I believe all of the number tiles had a Chinese name in the scoring guide.

The second feature was that when you finally cleared the last couple tiles, the screen would coalesce into a sparkling dragon.

Any help with this? Or perhaps you can share a mahjong solitaire that is more than just a timed matching two tiles to clear the board? Even 3-D doesn't do much for me.

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Any chance the game you're looking for shows up on this list from 2005? I figure it'll be easier for you to recognize it by looking for a matching screenshot than by trying to describe the features in this thread.

MahJong Suite has a "unique statistics system" that sounds a little like what you describe but it's not free.
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Many aspects of your description sound like Mahjong Titans, though I don't think the initial iteration of the game had any kind of tiered scoring or graph output.

Have you scanned the list of Mahjong titles on Big Fish Games? I think you will have better luck there than a more general "mahjong for Windows" list -- it's my impression as a game designer that features like tiered bronze/silver/gold scoring systems and cinematic flourishes became much more common in games designed during the mobile/casual game design boom 5-8 years ago.
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