Where to find Windows Spider Solitaire on a Mac
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"I need Spider Solitaire exactly the same as on the old computer", said mom. Anyone able to point me in the direction of an EXACT (The purchased one from Apple, apparently isn't close enough) copy of the windows version for MAC? Or does she have to buy a copy of Windows and run it on their mac?
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Tell her that she'll get used to it.
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Just thought you might want to know that for Vista they completely rewrote Spider Solitaire. The graphics are entirely different, and you can "take back" a redeal or a 13-card take. Still the same game, but it doesn't look the same.
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Have you looked at Burning Monkey Solitaire? It's what my mother-in-law bought when she got a Mac.
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Is it a question of exact rules? Exact functional behaviours (for example, if you right click a card, it does X)? Or exact right down to the appearance of the cards and the hideous green colour?
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Huh. What is it about old ladies and that game? My mother was also obsessed with it. I bought a used iMac for her a few years ago and that was pretty much the number one thing she was concerned about. She played that game at work a lot (in a dentist's office, during breaks) and was giddy at the prospect of being able to play at home. She seemed to be satisfied with the one I got for her.

Alas, I don't know who made it. I do know that it was called "Classic Solitaire for Mac OS X" and I paid $30 to BMT Micro for it back in Nov 2004. It may very well be the same one that's now offered by Apple directly, I dunno.
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This is from Apple's site, but a free download and states "Classic." It only shows a screen shot of a regular solitaire game, but Spider, Freecell, and a whole bunch more are included in the download. Worth a look-see, since it's a freebie
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I had a similar problem when I gave my parents a Mac. I had to find a version of Klondike (instead of Spider) that was "just like Windows". After trying out 5-10 different applications, they liked Solavant best. A basic version with just Spider, Free Cell & Klondike is available as well.

It is not an exact duplicate but they felt it was the easiest to use. My parents use their computer only for card games and internet. They do not understand how to open files and just began using email.
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X11 + wine (via ports or fink?) + Windows exe?
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