What should I play now that I've finished Dots & Co?
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I've completed level 550 of Dots & Co. Yay! Wait, no, boo! Can you suggest games for Android (free preferred, but happy to pay if its great) that scratch that same itch?

What I like about it:
Puzzle game
Levels to move through! This is crucial
Single player
Can jump in and out of it
Not timer based

Yes, I have the other games by the same company
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I really liked Hungry Cats, which I've nearly completed. It's a picross type puzzle, single player, has many levels available and you don't need to worry about the clock.
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While you wait for other possibilities, one of the things I am doing is going back to play every level until I get 3 stars on all of them.
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Can you take some timed levels? Alphabear, and other games by the SpryFox folks are excellent. If it's a hard no on timed levels, look at their game TripleTown.
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(Sorry, I don't know if these have Android versions)

- Best Fiends
- Bejeweled
- Drop7
- Monument Valley (paid, but awesome)
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I really like Infinity Loop on iOS, and I believe it’s available for Android.
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Toon Blast is generous enough with the coins/free lives, I've never felt pressured to buy the game packs. Not nearly as pretty as the dots family, but scratches a similar puzzle itch.
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I have been really digging Flow Free lately. Should tick all your boxes.
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You might like Shapist — you have to arrange all the different shapes (rectangles and unions of rectangles - kind of Tetris pieces) into a given constrained area (with added complications as one progresses).

If you miss doing geometry homework, you might enjoy Euclidea — it presents a series of geometric construction (compass and straight edge) challenges of increasing difficulty.
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The Futurama game is another good jewel match game.
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Kami 2 is so zen and beautiful. It's free. There's also a huge user/maker section which I find is even more enjoyable than the game, which is pretty damn enjoyable.
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I’m having fun with Two Dots.
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Yes, Two Dots is similar and it has 1660 levels, weekly expeditions and treasure hunts and rewinds — so plenty more where Dots & Co came from.
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