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My BFF has just passed her PhD viva (with no corrections!). It's her birthday next Tuesday and then she's flying to New York on Saturday for a week with her partner. We're in London, what can I get her for her birthday that she can enjoy in NYC? I'm thinking maybe a gift card for food or drinks somewhere cool? Or some sort of experiential gift? She's staying in Brooklyn near Utica Ave subway. Details inside:

- she hasn't been to the USA before
- she's very clever, likes books!
- also likes delicious vegetarian food and cocktails
- If possible I'd rather support a local business than a big chain
- max budget is around 60 dollars

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Best answer: My immediate thought was tickets for the Tenement Museum. It's really, really good. You do book a specific time, though, so that's a downside to it as a gift idea.
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Don’t know about gift card but two EXCELLENT vegetarian options are Superiority Burger and Dirt Candy. Very different experiences but both amazing can’t miss.
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ABCV is also a wonderful vegetarian option (and seconding sestaaak's recommendations strongly as well!)

I don't know if they do gift cards, but Smorgasburg is a fun, outdoor food market (tons of veggie options) and it's on every weekend starting April 6.
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Saraghina has tasty food and is near the Utica Ave stop. Their website indicates that they offer gift cards, but the link doesn't work so you might contact them.
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If she's a Tolkein nerd, this is happening now. Hits your "books" requirement....
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As in London, $60 won't get two people a restaurant meal in a highly rated restaurant, so I would go with a gift card to something deliciously NYC: a great pizza dinner! Juliana's has gift cards and with pizza, salad, tip and beers for two will be about $60. You could also give them a smaller gift card to Juliana's or some other pizza place with a fun good atmosphere -- not a quick slice place -- read up on them AND a gift card for an Uber, Lyft or local NYC car service. Nothing wrong with the subway, but in a weekend of subway-taking it really is a super fun treat to look out the window of a cab getting while around NYC, and that gets expensive fast.
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Best answer: I came by to second the recommendation for the Tenement Museum. To expand a little bit, the only way to visit is by tour -- if it's a first time I would definitely go with one of the apartment tours instead of the neighborhood walking tours (which are also good, but you could sort of self-construct a neighborhood walking tour whereas you simply can't get into the tenement building without going on the tour.)

It fits exactly within your max budget as two adult tours will cost $60. The tours do sell out so I would let your friend know sooner rather than later, and definitely reserve one.

If your friends happen to be of Irish/German/Italian/Eastern European Jewish background, for a bit of a nice touch they could always go on one of the tours that focuses on the corresponding families (but they're all excellent).

As for a local business, I think the museum is a great cause -- its mission is really trying to get us to better empathize with and understand the immigrant experience, which I think we'd all agree is sorely needed these days. Finally, if your friend likes books, the museum bookstore has an excellent selection of NYC/NYC history/immigration related books.

(I promise I don't work for the museum -- it's just one of my favorite museums in NYC, especially because my interests tend more toward the history-type museum instead of the fine art-type.)
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Best answer: Maybe there are local airbnb experiences for which you can get gift cards.
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Honestly, I'd get her some kind of cool, nerdy, tiara, or a flower crown. You could get leis delivered. more, more, more, crowns
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