Safe way to pay rent electronically?
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I'm wondering if there's a secure, fee-free way to send rent electronically these days? I'm renting from the condo owner, who lives in another state (I'm in Colorado). The warnings that I see are geared towards landlords, but I'm curious if I run any risks by paying rent through Venmo, Paypal, etc. If so, are there better options than mailing a check? I've moved in and paid first month's rent via check. Thank you!
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My bank (TD Bank) will draft and mail a check for me for free.
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I rent from a condo owner, and pay through my bank’s website. First month and deposit were paid with a check. All electronic payments have gone through without any fuss. I bank with a small, local credit union so if they have person-to-person bank transfers set up, I’m sure most other banks and credit unions do also.
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can you just use your banks bill pay service?
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Have you asked your landlord if they have any preferences? If your bank or credit union has a bill pay service they may cut a check and mail it for you at no cost to you. My CU has this feature and I have used it with success. Although it may be a good idea to check with the bank or CU about what happens if the check is lost in the mail.
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Check if your bank and your landlord's bank are both on Zelle. Here's their list of banks.

Instant, verifiable transfers between accounts and AFAIK it's free.
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I just started transferring my rent directly to my landlord’s account directly through my bank. No problems so far.
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Yep, we pay with Zelle. We use Chase and I think he's on Wells Fargo. It's been zero problem ever.
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I pay my rent with Venmo and have for basically 5 years at this point with no issues. We used to use the banks bill pay but my landlords didn't want to deal with checks.
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For the last nearly decade I've use my bank's send-a-check bill pay feature to do this. It's electronic for me, paper for the landlord.

But my building just got sold and the new guy doesn't like checks and literally just minutes ago I signed in for the first time to the service he wants us to use: Cozy. Appears to be free to use the basic features (looks like they make their money by taking several days to process the transfers) and nothing was weird or annoying about registering. Might be worth talking to your LL about.

Or use your online banking to send a check.
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I set up for my tenant to pay electronically since our credit union does not provide that service. We have been using it for a year without issues.

It's free to the landlord for up to 3 addresses IIRC, and free for the tenant if they use a bank account number (there's a fee if they use credit card).

Only downside is the several business day delay between the payment being debited from the tenant's account and deposited in my account, but it sends an email when the payment is in process so I know he paid on time.
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I just finished renting from an out-of-state landlord, and we used PayPal for rent for 3 years without issue.
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Zelle's terms explicitly state that it's only meant for person to person transfers - the time I put a note in the memo that it was rent the payment was rejected. They also give you a lot of warnings about how you can't get your money back if you screw up the email address and someone else accepts the payment. That said, my landlord (with multiple units) prefers using it, so I do, and apparently it's been working fine. The email address is also clearly for another business they run, so apparently I'm overly fastidious about terms of service.

My last landlord gave me deposit slips to deposit rent checks into their account directly - there was a bank branch with a night drop a few blocks away, so this was tolerable.
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The aforementioned Zelle is built in to the banking app, you just add the contact to the app and send.
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For the past few years my wife and I have been paying our rent (in Canada) by Interac e-transfer via our bank's website.
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Momus Window, that's so odd. I paid my rent with Zelle for over a year with "rent" in the note and never had a problem.

My landlord uses the Cozy app now. It's fine so far.
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Find a bank that gives you direct ACH ("e-check") access instead of Zelle.
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I can't imagine why you wouldn't use your bank's online bill pay. They mail the check for you, and most banks guarantee delivery by the date you specify (or they pay all the fees). I don't use it, but my apartment complex offers, so I guess you could look into that. I'd feel very uncomfortable using a peer-to-peer service, as most disallow using them for rent.
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Going through my credit union is the answer for me! I didn't know this feature existed, honestly. Because I like to anticipate the worst-case scenario, this seems like the most secure route. Thank you all!
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