Fun things for group meetings!
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I run a weekly meeting and like to bring fun things. What can I bring?

I run a meeting every week and like to bring fun snacks. Usually I bring baked goods from a local bakery but last week I bought a box of random candy from Japan online and it was a huge hit. What other fun things can I bring? It’s for a group of about 20 people. There is a preference for food, but it’s not necessary. Thanks!!
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- Popsicles!

- Fortune cookies!

- Ring pops!
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Rubber duckies (search oriental trading—something holiday or work appropriate themed?)
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Pixy Stix
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Silly putty or other (quiet) toys for fiddling
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A bucket of generic Lego bricks or a small pile in front of each person. Or kinder eggs or similar blind pack candy/toys.
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Everybody loves stroopwafels.
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I'm partial to the smelly Mr. Sketch markers, but my coworkers did think I was over there huffing during one meeting....
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