A chair to lounge in?
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Help me find a super comfy office / desk chair, one which is good for sit-up computer work and lean-back music listening, or recommend me a store that might have one.

My favourite reclining executive chair in my home office has finally given up the ghost after decades of use, and now I'm in the heart-wrenching situation of having to throw out my personal comfy space. It's where I write and where I relax, a place to think while listening to the best sound system in the house, so its pretty important to me to get the right piece of furniture.

I would like a replacement office / desk chair that is:

- Raised like an office chair for proper posture while typing at a desk

- Comfortable like an armchair for a geek who still listens to music at a computer.

- Well-built enough that I won't have to do this again for another decade.

I'm not that fussed about cost (within reason) if the product is value for money.

Can you recommend a good chair, or can you recommend a good place in the UK to try some chairs out?
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I've had a Herman Miller chair for many years now, and they're exceptional. I have a Mirra. There are adjustments for just about everything, including how much they'll tilt back, and how much force that takes. If I lean back and put my feet on my desk, I tend to fall asleep in it. Lots of adjustments for back support, arm rests, firmness, and so on.
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I love my Aeron but for this I’d go with the Humanscale Freedom with headrest, assuming you’re okay with the thin (but extremely comfortable) padding. The tilt mechanism is adaptive for how much weight is on it so it always feels perfect, and the headrest has a neat tilting mechanism to keep your spine in alignment (or so it feels).
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I've had this idea for a while now of taking a non-desk lounge-y chair, sawing off its legs, and attaching it to an office chair base so that it has the tilt and swivel capabilities. I don't have space for an office, so I've never tried it, but maybe you could.
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This is the chair ( steelcase cachet) that I have at work and it's awesome. I have mine adjusted so it tilts back quite a bit if I lean that way. It's so comfortable that way, leaning back with my feet up. I have quite often thought about buying one for my home office.
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Thanks, I really like the look of the Humanscale Freedom, and I want to try out some Herman Miller chairs. I've just found that John Lewis department store in the UK stocks both, so I'm going to go see what they're like.

Thanks for your recommendations!
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