Two Nights in Phuket
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I'm staying near Phuket on a several weeks long work contract, and when my flight was booked I asked to extend the trip by a couple of days to explore. This trip is kicking my ass and I'm finding myself without the energy/desire to think about planning those last two days. So the question: Have you stayed at a hotel or resort near Phuket that has direct access to an uncrowded beach, great vegetarian friendly food, and massages on site/very close by?

I know that options abound, but I've had a messed up stomach for a week and am working crazy hours and every time I open trip advisor I close it in a panic. I would love a personal recommendation if you have one!

Bonuses: yoga classes, access to low key excursions like kayaking, airport transfer service

Things I don't care about: spa treatments outside of massages, nightlife/anything that happens after 8:00pm, interacting with other humans (joking, kind of)

Budget is flexible, but would like to keep it under $600 which is the cost of changing my ticket to head home early.

Thank you!
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If you don't get personal recommendations that work for you, I strongly recommend you look at Travelfish instead of Tripadvisor, you'll get much better advice.
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Nai Yang beach near the airport is very quiet and relatively undeveloped for the island. The airport is a five minute drive away.
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