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Dug out my childhood LEGOs from storage and have the urge to build something. It’s 2019. There has to be a tech-y way to do this.

I’m looking for a website or app (or both!) that will let me inventory my collection and then show official and unofficial instructions of stuff I can build. Bonus points if it could also display instructions for sets I can almost build (with a list of what parts I’m missing).
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Peeron! Parts lists for official sets and many, many instruction manuals.

The young Lego fan in the house recommends Brickset.
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I've also been playing a lot with these days.
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Rebrickable is good, if you know what sets you were starting with (or are up for doing inventory)

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Rebrickable is pretty straightforward. And it was started by a guy who was trying to do exactly what you want to do - inventory parts!

I believe that if you can figure out the model number, the Lego site still has instructions on the old stuff.

(...says the forty-something that just spent three hours modifying the Speed Champions GT40 to be two plates lower...)
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